Songbook by Carlos Gardel: "18 Tangos"

1 év ezelőtt 1818

Songbook "Tangos" contains 18 fundamental tangos by Carlos Gardel, arranged for piano, vocal and guitar, including the original lyrics. It is a useful material for performers, whether singers, guitarists or pianists, as well as for arrangers or composers.

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Carlos Gardel was an Argentine singer, composer and film actor. It is the best known representative (of the genre) in the history of tango. Initiator and maximum exponent of tango song, he was one of the most important interpreters of world popular music in the first half of the twentieth century, for the quality of his voice, for the number of albums sold (as a singer and as a composer), for his numerous films related to tango and for his worldwide repercussion.

Songbook content:

  1. Cuando tú no estás
  2. Cuesta abajo
  3. El día que me quieras
  4. Golondrinas
  5. Melodía de arrabal
  6. Lejana tierra mía
  7. Mi Buenos Aires querido
  8. Por una cabeza
  9. Sus ojos se cerraron
  10. Tomo y obligo
  11. Volver
  12. Volvió una noche
  13. Aquel tapado de armiño
  14. La copa del olvido
  15. Duelo criollo
  16. Griseta
  17. Margarita Gauthier
  18. Palermo

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