Free sheet music by Norah Jones

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Free sheet music by Norah Jones

Norah Jones, American jazz singer who writes songs for herself. An interesting biography detail: Nora is the natural daughter of the legendary Indian sitar performer Ravi Shankar, but prefers not to talk about her famous father. Due to the fact that she does not want to use his name to build her own career.

Later she took the surname to her mother - Sue Jones. Norah's mother, Sue Jones, who worked as a dancer, broke up with Ravi Shankar when Nora was just a child. According to the singer, until the moment when she was nine years old, she saw her father at most ten times. The next meeting took place in 1997, when Nora was introduced to her half-sister, 16-year-old Anushka Shankar.

In 2002, there was no star brighter than Norah Jones in the United States. A cute creature of 23 years old with a meek gaze and an angelic voice paralyzed the imagination of listeners tired of the stamping of pop music. The illusion of home comfort breathed from this soft singing and simple melodies, nostalgia for youth and eternal values. Whether it was the cause of general insanity or something else, the popularity of the young singer grew like a snowball from the mountain and eventually covered even die-hard academics, who every year organize an exhibition of musical achievements called "Grammy".

In 2002 she released her debut album Come Away With Me, which sold over 20 million copies and broke all records, receiving five Grammy awards, including such prestigious nominations as Album of the Year, "Record of the year" and "discovery of the year". The next album, Feels Like Home (2004), was nearly as successful, earning her a Grammy for Best Female Popular Performance, Best Popular Duo Performance and Record of the Year (for Here We Go Again ", duet with Ray Charles). Jones' tone of voice and her emotional range are often compared to Billie Holiday.

Download and print Norah Jones sheet music for free:

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Free sheet music by Norah Jones