The Nude: Conceptual Approaches to Fine Art Photography

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The Nude: Conceptual Approaches to Fine Art Photography, E-Book by Jennifer Emery.

About the Author

Jennifer (Zivolich) Emery is an educator, author, and photographer specializing in commercial portrait, fashion, celebrity, lifestyle images. She conducts photography workshops across the country and is a proud Interfit Photographic Pro USA Ambassador, as well as a “Canon Live Learning” presenter. Her business has been featured on the TLC Network and she has been honored with awards from WPPI and National Photo Awards.

In an effort to support professional and emerging photographers, Jennifer co-founded the “Arts District Los Angeles Photo Collective”, of which she is an ongoing board member. A portion of her work encompasses fine-art nude photography, which has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. She is also an actor, voice-over artist, screenwriter, and independent film producer/director. She resides in La Crescenta, CA.

About the book

Images of the nude human form are among the oldest art forms—from simple drawings, to grand statuary, to classic painting and contemporary photography, artists’ fascination with the human body has endured throughout time and across every form of creative expression. Within the pages of this book, accomplished fine-art nude photographer Jennifer Emery begins by presenting the key elements of lighting and posing the human body to best flatter the subject and express the desired design. With these fundamentals in place, she expands and elevates the practice of photographing nudes to develop more conceptual, fine-art looks that go beyond merely representing the subject and strive to communicate more complex ideas and aesthetics. As she demonstrates, fine-art nude photography can go far beyond a mere black backdrop and some interesting lighting. Full of color, motion, and style, Emery’s images spark intrigue, admiration, passion, and excitement!

Develop and execute fine-art concepts to elevate your photography of nudes

The nude form is a classic subject for artists working in all media, so how can you make your fineart images stand out? As Jennifer Emery shows, starting with a concept or theme can help open up your creativity and lead you in exciting new directions! In this book, she walks you through some of her favorite concept-based shoots.

  • Identify a concept or style and plan a shoot to bring it to life
  • Choose the right lighting, posing, props, and postproduction to fit your idea
  • Expand on a concept to develop a cohesive series

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